Dev Update 2016-06-30

Adam C. Clifton
30 Jun 2016

This week has been a lot of playtesting, or should I say actually studying with the game. I've been playing through the Tae Kim decks created by Megumi and fixing any bugs that have popped up.

I had the first actual crash bug in a while related to a badly formatted card causing an infinite loop. Interestingly on Windows, it would plod along forever creating and releasing memory without increasing the total used. Meanwhile on iOS, this same loop will actually run out of memory and crash. I assume the system only fully releases memory once you return control to it.

A second bug had to do with my hiragana to kanji code that I always knew was there. The way the code works is it will auto convert the text the player is entering into hiragana then into kanji if it is part of the answer. Eg: wa-ta-shi-ta-chi becomes わたしたち which is then converted into 私達 as you type. The problem then is when you have another shorter kanji replacement, such as し -> 死 then it triggers first and messes up your string. Eg: わたしたち becomes わた死たち which is not what we want. The current fix is to store the location in the string where the replacement should be happening, so we know 私達 is at the start of a string and 死 is towards the end. It feels a little hacky, but it seems to work nicely for now.

Before and after fixing the bug.

Otherwise there were a lot of little grammar changes to the english answers just to make the game less strict on what it will accept as the correct answer.

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