Flashcard Clash Development Update 10

Adam C. Clifton
12 Oct 2021

Ohai! Long time no update!

What's been happening on Flashcard Clash in the last 4 years? Well not too much! A few years back I had a cool idea to rewrite the server code from PHP to native C. It is generaly a bad idea to rewrite things that are already working, because as you can see here, a lot of time has passed with the game stuck in limbo with no new or interesting features. That's compounded by the fact that I've not had a lot of time to spend on Flashcard Clash.

But the bonus of this overhaul is that now the code is unified between the client and server, which will simplify devlopment going forward. Previously I'd have to write code twice when adding a new feature, once to handle it on the server in PHP, and again to handle it on the client in C. Now that the server and client are sharing code, things only need to be written once in C.

But it's not all invisible changes that you don't care about, there have been a few small improvments! Battles now can have multiple waves of enemies, instead of just being a single screen of enemies. This is a bit more interesting as there's more monsters to battle through so looking after your heroes health is more of a thing. Also more monsters means more actions per battle, so you'll be able to work through card reviews faster.

I've also added a little extra to the decks screen, so you can see how many new, in review and complete cards that you have in each deck

This update has now been released as version 1.0.3 on iOS and Android. The web version is currently broken, due to the changes to how server connections work, but it will be back eventually.

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