Final Fantasy: World Wide Words Released In Japan

Adam C. Clifton
25 Sep 2014

A new typing based Final Fantasy game has been released in Japan, reusing the Theatrhythm graphics. Could it help you learn Japanese? Maybe if you can get it outside the country.

Final Fantasy: World Wide Words is a freemium mobile game that plays a little bit like Typing of the Dead, in that you quickly type in words to preform attacks.

The game reuses the rosy-cheek chibi style graphics from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, which I'm not too psyched about. I always thought it looked a bit weird and creepy.

It's out now on Android in Japan, and will bre released on iOS soon. Even there was a translation for English markets, I think we'd still want the Japanese version instead for the study possibilities.

It currently has a 3.8 rating in the Google Play Store which is at least better than the mindless All the Bravest where the only inputs you had were rubbing the screen or spending money.

These seem to be game specific spell names, so i'm guessing the game won't have very useful vocab to have outside of other Final Fantasy games. The white text is just the Hiragana of what's above, they disappear as you type the words in.

  • ファイア - FA-I-A "Fire"
  • ルインキャノン - RU-I-N-KYA-NO-N - "Ruin Cannon"
  • おしゃれケアル - Two parts to this one, the hiragana is "Stylish" and the Katakana is KE-A-RU "Cure".
  • 暴走コメット - Two parts again, the Kanji is "rampage" the Katakana is KO-ME-T-TO "comet"

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